Pull your socks up!

I’ve started this blog to help myself and others who live with mental health issues. This isn’t something I’ve been considering for some time, but a gut reaction to a story I read the other morning.

You see, I’ve had bouts of depression, panic attacks, and anxiety for a very long time. I wasn’t diagnosed until my late-20s when I really felt like the rug was pulled out from under me. While being treated, via anti-depressants and talking therapy, I realised that I’d had other episodes, and that some of my behaviours over the years could be traced to this ongoing issue.

I’m hoping this space will allow me to share my experiences, thoughts, tools, ideas, and stories (mine or those of others). I hope it will be a way to help me to continue to recover, maintain an even keel, and get to tease out where I am, and how I feel. I need to be more aware of my triggers and manage those before they get the best of me.

I’ve invited others to participate — both those who experience mental health issues and those who are friends/family/partners to someone who experiences these issues. I hope they’ll take me up on the offer.

Oh, and my next post will be about the story I read that inspired this blog.

And never tell someone with a mental health issue to pull their socks up. It’ll either make them see red or make them feel even worse. Those are the only two possibilities.


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