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Blog for mental health 2014

In case it wasn’t clear, I decided to take up blogging about my depression and anxiety to help in my recovery as I realised that this is something I used to do a lot of back in the days of LiveJournal, and while it didn’t stop me from having relapses, it definitely helped me recover faster and gain a better perspective on things.

I’m also blogging in the hopes that people, whether fellow sufferers or not, will learn about the daily, weekly, and monthly struggles someone like me goes through, and how much we wish we didn’t have to go through these struggles.

When I made this spur of the moment decision I hadn’t realised there was a community doing the same thing. So, I’m joining that community as much for the community as myself. It would be great if more people who support friends/family with mental health would share their challenges and struggles. Care to join us and share your story? 


“I pledge my commitment to the Blog for Mental Health 2014 Project. I will blog about mental health topics not only for myself, but for others. By displaying this badge, I show my pride, dedication, and acceptance for mental health. I use this to promote mental health education in the struggle to erase stigma.”  


Mental Health Bloggers Widen Their Support Systems on

I joined a bandwagon I didn’t even know was happening. This is great! Can’t wait to explore the other blogs.

The Blog

When we start a blog instead of simply keeping a private diary, it’s because we want to connect with others. When you start to blog, you join a community.

It comes as no surprise that many bloggers are drawn to online communities as a place to work through challenges — to heal and process, find others with similar experiences, and seek (or offer) support. There are lots of supportive communities around women dealing with breast cancer, people managing diabetes, parents of children with unique needs, and many, many more. Throughout January, we’ll be zooming in on how bloggers use to support their health and wellness.

Today, on the heels of the Blog for Mental Health 2014 kick-off, we’re focusing on mental health. Read on for a look at the many ways bloggers use their sites to improve their own lives, and the lives of others who have…

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Hipster toast = mental health lifeline

The other morning I read a story about hipster toast. Yes, hipster toast; one of the latest trends in foodie circles. People are paying US$4/slice (that’s about £2.75) of toast at cafés in San Francisco. One of my favourite, local, independent cafés started offering sourdough toast with jam for about £3 (roughly US$4.50), and as much as I love sourdough toast, I cannot bring myself to order toast in a café. But this story about how hipster toast appears to have started, and spread across the city, and inevitably across the world, is absolutely fascinating to me.

Toast with jam

It wasn’t about trying to find some niche trend and get hipster credit for it, but as a way to ground oneself from a lifetime of challenging mental health issues that cost the ‘inventor’ jobs, relationships,  a roof over her head, and a lot of hardship in her life. Her small café is her way of creating a network of friends for when she needs help. I relate to her story of needing a network of people to help you out, make you feel safe, but trying not to overwhelm any one of these people. It’s tough!

What do you think of her story and her method of creating that safety net we all need regardless of our mental state? How do you react when someone you know is in crisis?

Toast image from Mo Riza on Flickr.