Various resources I’ve found useful. Let me know if you have others and I can add them.



Living with a black dog by Matthew Johnstone — very much geared towards carers of those with depression, but helpful for the depressed as well

I had a black dog by Matthew Johnstone — geared towards the depressed, but helpful for carers to know that it is possible to recover


A couple of great, (intentionally) crudely drawn blog posts that use sarcastic humour from someone suffering depression, and their recovery: Adventures in Depression (part 1) and Depression part two via Hyperbole and a Half. She also posted this transitional post prior to posting the second part. It’s worth a quick read as you can see the anxiety we all have when exposing ourselves.

Helping someone who has a mood disorder – for family & friends from the Black Dog Institute (Australia)

Help and information for friends & family from the Depression Alliance — Good list of do’s and don’t’s


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